Bathroom Accessories

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Shelves & Soap Dishes

Designed to fit seamlessly with Bath Fitter shower walls, these shelves and soap dishes are the clean, handy way to store your shower products.

Bathroom Towel Bars

Our bathroom accessories include a wide variety of stylish bathroom towel bars. Bath Fitter's towel bars fit seamlessly with our walls.

Faucets and Hand Held Showers

Stylish shower & bathtub faucets and multipurpose showerheads from brand-name manufacturers like Moen. The easy way to finish your bathroom.

Tub & Shower Doors

Bath Fitter has an enormous range of stylish bathtub & shower door options. Doors can be sliding, pivot, neo-angle or curved, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to making your new bathroom look beautiful!

Shower Grab Bars & Seats

We all know how easy it is to slip in the shower or tub. Grab bars and seats are the safe solution for people who may have difficulty showering. Seats can be fixed or fold-down, while grab bars can be smooth or textured. Bath Fitter puts your safety first!

Bathroom Trims & Moldings

Finishing touches are key and an integral part of your bathroom, so make sure they match the look of your Bath Fitter remodel with our choice of trims and moldings. Even your windows can be as moisture-resistant as your bathtub or shower!

Walls & Wainscoting

Complete your installation with our beautiful selection of walls! Go one step further than a brand new bath or shower, with Bath Fitter wainscoting options. Add a touch more class to your stylish new bathroom!

Bathroom Ceilings

Help keep out moisture and the problems that come with it by installing a flat or domed custom-fitted Bath Fitter ceiling. It’s the perfect way to top off your brand new bathroom!

Shower Rods

Choose a sleek, linear shower curtain rod or a curved rod that expands your shower space by up to 35%.

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